Message from the Director

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.director

Welcome to Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistan Islamia School in Ajman.

It has been my utmost honor and privilege to serve as Director of Administration of this school, an institution that has committed its entire life, resources, and efforts to educating children and giving opportunities to those who could otherwise never even dream of seeing the inside of a classroom. Our staff, our teachers, our administration, our community all work tirelessly to provide for every child in need of an education, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. However we can, whatever we can, we do, and by the grace of God, we have been doing it for 40 years.

OBK School isn’t just about teaching children to read and write, to learn science, math and history. Our school is about changing lives, about giving children, many of who are refugees fleeing war and oppression, an opportunity to rise up beyond adversity and circumstances to succeed and achieve great things in their lives. It is with great pride that I walk the halls of our school everyday, watching children who have had to overcome insurmountable odds, blossom under the tutelage of our dedicated staff. We know that education is the key to success for these children, and that education is a right, not a privilege.

It has been the greatest reward of my career to work with these children, and to work with the community that has supported our efforts, our needs, and us every step of the way. It is with the help of the government of Ajman and the UAE, and the most generous contributions of our donors that we can continue to serve these children and make a difference in their lives.

Our doors are always open: and we invite anyone who either needs help or is looking to give help to come visit us and see the special work that we are doing.

I thank you for your interest and look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Omar Mirza
Director of Administration